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Custom-friendly software solutions that propel your business growth.
Software Services & AutomationSoftware Services & Automation
In a time when technology has become indispensable for business success, it has become imperative for organizations to choose the right tools to accomplish their goals. KGiS takes the complexity out of your business processes and improves your operational efficiencies through cloud-based software products and solutions.
We take a holistic approach and use the industry’s most efficient methodologies to develop our products. Greater flexibility and customization are our first principles in building software solutions. Our products are developed to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We render services that fulfill the specific needs of our clients, ensuring their investment in technology doesn’t go in vain.

Our Software Services & Automation

Image processing software

Airborne Image Processing Software

Analytical software for photogrammetry—the science of analyzing the data (aerial images), acquired by UAVs.


A simple and efficient customer interaction tool developed by KGiS that’ll help enterprises efficiently respond to their customer and quickly resolve the issues.

Eda Telehealth

An exclusive HIPPA-compliant telemedicine platform that enables doctors to offer private consultations virtually through video conferences.

Learning Management System

An integrated learning platform for educational institutions and organizations that enable them to teach, train, and assess their people.

Call Center CRM Solution

A customized CRM solution that enables organizations to offer seamless customer support. The software gives agents a better way to enhance their customer experience.
Card management system by KG Invicta

Card Management Platform for Banks

An exclusive software system to manage the complete lifecycle of payroll/reward cards integrated with organizations’ bank accounts.
Mortgage Brokerage Software

Mortgage Brokerage Application

A dedicated software solution to streamline the lending process—right from the first customer interaction to post-settlement. It facilitates the entire lifecycle of clients’ journey with mortgage firms.
Wait wise- appointment scheduling software

Wait Wise

A dedicated appointment scheduling platform that helps organizations efficiently schedule and manage appointments seamlessly.

Delivering Incremental Business Value

Emphasis on data security and data confidentiality

Remarkable software solutions built with modern technologies

Product assistance and round-the-clock technical support

Customized solutions specific to the requirements of every industry


Brands Trust Us

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Software Services & Automation

KGiS delivers an all-encompassing solution to Malaysian drone inspection company

Software Services & Automation

Leading Digital Cable TV & Broadband Internet Service provider in India migrates to KGiS ITSM Helpdesk System

Software Services & Automation

KGiS enables a multi-specialty hospital provide improved access to healthcare and quality of care

We help you uncover the full potential of your operational efficiency.

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