Wait Wise

A wiser way to schedule your appointments.
Wait WiseWait Wise
Appointments are an integral part of business life and they are the way to efficiently plan engagements between professionals and customers. Wait Wise, an interactive application from KGiS gives businesses and professionals a smarter way to manage and schedule their appointments. It’s the best way to automate your appointment scheduling and focus on your work thoughtfully.
Wait Wise comes with a range of features including appointment reminders, calendar integration, payment acceptance, staff scheduling, and advanced feature like service booking management that enables customers to book home services. With an intuitive interface and cloud integration, Wait Wise helps you to schedule your precious time in a better way.

Get rid of scheduling errors and minimize efficiency losses

Give your clients the flexibility to Schedule meetings

Enhance your clients’ experience and increase the trust they have in you

Automate periodic appointments and reduce planning fallacy


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Wait Wise

KGiS delivers an all-encompassing solution to Malaysian drone inspection company

Wait Wise

Leading Digital Cable TV & Broadband Internet Service provider in India migrates to KGiS ITSM Helpdesk System

Wait Wise

KGiS enables a multi-specialty hospital provide improved access to healthcare and quality of care

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